Papervision3D Test Nascar Prototype

We like to ride the racecars.

Here’s a quick test of a NASCAR in Papervision3D.  I am checking the limitations which seem to be around 20,000 polys without making the processor sound like its melting.

Papervision3D is the most fun I have had with Flash since my first Asteroids clone in Flash 4 in 2000.

NASCAR racecar papervision demo

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Things on the list are to:

  • Make a demo with the camera as a follow cam
  • Make a demo with the camera in many places (that change to the car as its close)
  • Other cars
  • Optimization

%&*^( 3d in Flash! Never thought I would see it this well implemented, thanks Papervision3D (Carlos Ulloa Matesanz, Ralph Hauwert, John Grden).