Silverlight 3D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBubblemark has posted a 3d version of the bubble test in WPF/E which will just be called Silverlight now, that compares the new vector render engines Flash9/Flex, Silverlight and DHTML/Javascript.    

Note: I think my processor just melted after this test. 

Bubblemark has been kind to share the source.

Download source code


Personally the names WPF and WPF/E and now Silverlight really didn’t make sense but  Alexey Gavrilov puts a spin on it.  Personally, the Blend, Expression, Slilverlight, WinFX, WPF, WPF/E, Live marketing is a total blitz but I just don’t know that its working much. Here is Tim Sneath’s take on the naming (he works on the project).

I like the technology though but sticking with only Windows Video (which does conform to a standard VC-1 that allows video to be played on mobile, directx and xbox but in a windows only world yes but) after FLV has really taken over it might be tough.  

One thing is for sure the competition between Adobe and Microsoft on these vector tools and development environments will benefit the solution providers and developers who can learn both.  DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS!

  • mugile

    Is it (Silverlight) searchable for search engins?
    If not, this is a big turn off.

    Guy Mugrabi
    Program Manager

  • drawkbox

    Yeh they didn’t do the best job on SEO for silverlight for launch but in a few months I am sure it will be flooded with examples.

  • drawk

    Silverlight will be like flash in that you will have to put content and an alternate HTML version from the same data source to get the search engine to see it.

  • littleme

    Silverlight 3D, with textures:

  • drawk

    littleme that is pretty sweet they did a whole vista demo in silverlight.

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