Isometric Flash Game

Excellent isometric flash game test

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  • Chuck

    That game has some good potential.

  • drawk

    Definitely it at least matches the capability of the Super Nintendo or the older game systems. Web based coop games like this could be very fun.

  • Slasher145

    Very nice indeed, i can see this game going very far especialy with those nice graphics(sprites for flash), i will most certainly play this when its released in its full version

  • Schell

    I don’t know if I’d necessarily call that an isometric game. Seems more like it borrows the lack of a vanishing point from isometry but the camera angle is variable. Very nice! Think it uses Papervision3D?

  • drawk

    Would rotating isometric game work? true iso is a set angle but lots of RTS use that with rotation now, any one view is iso or close to iso angles.

  • Arcade

    Nice game

  • Jordi

    You might want to check out this isometric engine

  • drawk

    Good stuff Jordi is that yours? I wrote it up.

  • drawk