Best Actionscript Animation Packages (AS3)

There are many ways to animate in Flash and the best way is always scripting, or I mean code in AS3.  Flash has grown up quite a bit and now has a very fun coding language in AS3, when programming games or animations scripting is the way to go. You can even do stuff like make a SMTP server/client using mime in it, ok maybe more useful is a binary socket asset loader.

The default mx.transitions classes in AS2 were good, there are much better filter and transition tools now in AS3 but also a bit more bulky than needed and many good Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketanimation kits have come along that help people animate with script.  This can be great for team development when architecture is set within everyone’s styles, animation packages for example help to make it easy to have common code so that people can easily understand it. It can be bad when it comes to flash development when you open other’s work if they do not use  at least some standard kits or conventions.

There are a few really excellent animation packages that you should know about.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe best AS3 animation packages

  1. Animation Package (AS3 kit here)
  2. Tweener (samples here like this papervision3d sample for 3d tweening)
  3. Fusekit and ZigoEngine from MosesSupposes (updated as of late march early april development has started on an AS3 version – not sure of release so its sitting at third)

*All* of these kits allow for total control in a push mechanism to just push animation events onto clips in a dynamic way.  This gives maximum flexibilty for team development and easily changed transitions, or completely random movements.

Fuse has some nice stuff in the works for ColorFX, SoundFX, and even a PaperFX controller for papervision3D.

  • Rich Hauck

    What is your criteria for determining the best animation engine? Have you done speed/performance comparison tests?

  • drawkbox

    The criteria is community support, ease of use and structured animation preference. I may do a performance comparison but essentially these kits mostly wrap the filters and tween classes in the flash framework or make it easier to do these things with less syntax.

  • Jack

    Any reason why you left TweenLite off the list of best ActionScript Animation Packages? ( An AS3 version has been available for a while, it supports filters (with TweenFilterLite), only uses 2k, the syntax is very easy (remarkably similar to Tweener), and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a faster tweening engine out there. Just curious.

  • Ryan Christensen [draw.logic]

    Hey Jack, this is the old one the updated list is after a few more were mentioned and released.

  • Dennis van Lith

    One very good tweening engine might be LMC tween. One of the widely used tweening engines in the world…