Tweening Bezier Curves with Tweener AS3

Zeh has posted a great article on using Tweener to animate along a Bezier.  There is even a papervision3d sample.  Tweener has been a good choice for papervision3d animation due to its flexibility to be able to easily handle z and custom params.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is excellent for game development or pathing in game systems.  The sample in papervision is a set of cones that the path can be set around.  For custom scripted sequences and triggered events this is exactly what is needed. Things like flying through cities, vehicles, transitions, recording replays etc.

I am blown away by this as its probably the most useful and cool demo I have seen yet. Check it out Download the source here (Flash CS3, AS3). 

I will give this project 6-8months before its a full blown papervision3D scene editor in flash. 

  • http://none yuri

    I could not find basePanel, coneviewside, coneviewtop classes.. help plz thx

  • Zeh

    @Yuri: all classes are on the linked zip source package and it should work with no changes.

    I think I know what you mean though – stage instances are not declared on the main class. I thought this was a document-bound option. Anyhow, if that’s the case, go to File > Publish Settings > Button “Settings” on Actionscript version combo, make sure “Automatically declare stage instances” is on, and try compiling ahain.

  • P48L0

    amazing work! i like the multiple viewports approach to change the positions of the elements.

  • Moorthy

    Jus amazing!