What was SWFObject and UFO is now one SWFfix for Embedding Flash in XHTML/HTML

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIn case you haven’t heard the SWFObject creator Geoff Stearns and the UFO creator have teamed up to create a new Flash Embed kit for HTML/XHTML called SWFFix that is more DOM compliant yet works.  Its always been a battle on this front of DOM standards vs Javascript when it comes to Flash embedding.

This teamwork to make a common kit will help to consolidate all issues with this and hopefully provide a really solid platform for embedding flash that takes into account all browser and satisfies standards but also works all the time. Making it harder to vote against when it comes time to decide what technology to use.

Of course there have been libraries like SWFAddress (for deep linking in flash and back button support easily) that have been built on top of SWFObject that will have to be switched over that have large user bases and following.

Check out SWFfix (of course this project has been very quiet and is not public since Feb 6-7th) hrm.

  • Aran

    Hi Ryan.

    Links in both text and image are linking to swfAddress, not SWFfix. For anyone wnating the link, it is: http://www.swffix.org/devblog/

  • http://drawk.wordpress.com/ drawk

    Oops Thanks Aran links are fixed. Sry folks.

  • http://blog.andrewpaulsimmons.com Andrew Paul Simmons

    Is this really complete? I didn’t see anything about this on deconcept.

  • http://drawk.wordpress.com/ drawk

    Its in alpha. Deconcept talks about it here: http://blog.deconcept.com/2007/02/28/swfobject-1-5-released/

    This also may be the last major release of SWFObject. If you haven’t already heard, the SWFFix project will be attempting to replace SWFObject as the de-facto Flash embedding standard. The project is still in the alpha stage, but is looking quite promising. So until then, enjoy!
    Its been 4 months since the announcement, something hopefully will be moving on it.

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