AS3 Physics Previews of Motor Physics Engine by Polygonal Labs

Polygonal labs who has the lion share of cool physics demos with their motor physics engine has posted another excellent physics demo.

This demo should be called the Jedi demo  because when you move the particles around it feels like the force is helping you out that is how cool this physics engine is.

Let’s hope this is released soon and has a license to make Polygonal Labs famous, which would be an open source one :)

  • Brett Walker

    Motor is pretty cool, they are making a lot of progress, but it still looks pretty slow. APE ( on the other hand is already really fast, and it’s also open sourced under the MIT license.

  • drawk


    That is true APE is great. I think that it would be beneficial to have more open source physics engines.

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  • David Gortler

    Great science. I didn’t it was called “jedi”