AS3 Flash9 Commodore 64 Emulator

Due to the suport of binary ByteArray and/or BinarySockets AS3 has been inspiring all kinds of things from PDF creators, to audio, to JPEG Encoders, to zip libraries, crypto libraries and many others. But you know that a language is inspiring or a platform is inspiring if it drives someone to make a Commodore 64 Emulator within it.

That is right, with AS3 as the tool Claus Wahlers has created FC64, which is an Open-Source Commodore 64 Emulator written in Actionscript 3 for Flash Player 9 licensed under the GPL version 2. Commodore 64 Emulator to read C64 emulator files/roms online and play them.

Summer Games anyone?

  • engtech

    I’ve seen at least one blog that completely emulates the C64 layout… I wonder if this is what they use?

  • drawk

    engtech, that is one hell of a blog. Post the link if you have it.

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  • sascha/hdrs

    Yes the FC64 is a neat work! Only pity is that there is no sound. And thats why we should once again sing in choir: Adobe, we want dynamic audio features in Flash Player!

  • drawk

    sascha, totally in agreement. Is Adobe listening? One of your demos could be the FC64 and with sound you will pwn all the geeks that want to program/play with AS3/flash.