AS3 PDF Creator AlivePDF Released

Thibault Imbert from ByteArray released the first PDF Creator for AS3 / Flash 9 called AlivePDF.

The new BinarySocket and ByteArray handling adds essentially no limit to the imagination of what is implemented in AS3. Non programmers might not understand the immense power that brings to this language and platform in AS3. Essentially it allows creating and reading binary to manipulate any file type.

  • agentx

    thanks for the broken link

  • drawk


  • Payal

    I am using AlivePDF and it works great. But now I am facing a problem. I am using Action Script 2 and i want to give gradient effect to images drawn in PDF document. Is it possible in AlivePDF? If yes then please give me the solution.


  • Payal

    Sorry I am using Action Script3

  • Virender


    Thanks for the information u provide.

    I want to direct open the pdf file in my swf application,
    is that possible?

    can u provide me the source code for the PdfEncoder class.

    Thanks in advance.