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Take a look at this amazing custom 3d isometric engine for building 3d virtual worlds. This literally just popped up on the scene. It seems that they are progressing nicely, not sure how much it can handle in terms of multiple assets but they have a sample of a house and many effects such as lighting (day+night changes), interpolation, zooming levels etc. They are using their own custom 3d engine and texturing system but it is probably highly inspired by the new 3d engines available out there.

Try out the sample here


Now we have all the techs in one engine. Now we also can add bump-mapping and unique lighting FX (say, some green light on a wall near the grass). The engine has some optimization potential, but speed is mainly based on a texture quality settings.

It is supposed that all the objects will be in a 1 pixel = 1 centimeter scale.


  • Spacebar — change daytime
  • Mouse wheel — change scale
  • Shift + wheel — tex quality
  • Ctrl + wheel — lightmap quality
  • Alt + wheel — groung quality
  • Q — tex interpolation on/off

The real-time lighting and 3d aspects of this look very promising. There are strong limitations to bulk in 3d in flash, for instance if you had a view with 100-200 homes and zoomed out with this I would like to see the performance then. Amazing work by this Russian development team.

Via Den Ivanov from Park

All the demos from this engine are excellent here’s some:

  • GrfxGuru


  • Den Ivanov

    I cant wait when they start beta testing for this game )

  • drawk

    Yeh Den this is pretty sweet. Of course so was the Brahma Bus. Very nice stuff coming out of Russia. Helps when there is competition always, everyone pushes further. It is very inspiring.

  • coolcars

    it seems cool…………but it should more broad presentation…

  • Brainclog

    Cool, except perspective isn’t rendered correctly… Things that are further away look fatter. If you look at two lines on the cube example it’s very obvious how they don’t point at the same angle.

  • Dadoo

    Hello, you should see a much more advanced iso game engine at, coded in dhtml, fast and powerfull to create game with any html editor then play just in a webpage with ie or firefox also opera. A kind of diablolike game (scrolling, character animation, fx, sounds). Any comments welcome.

    <thank you

  • Anton Volkov

    For visualization of our game the perspective is not necessary. Isometric view allows to optimize calculations in addition. In the near future we shall make perspective correction, it is not complex.

  • drawk

    Yes the isometric allows for better RTS or overhead games where true perspective is taken out for a reason for, like you state, performance and also accessibility. In iso games the farthest item is as close as the closest, it makes for great overhead games like old school red alert or age of empires. This also helps to eliminate the number of items you have to render, in true perspective at certain views you could see all items in a horizon that is where render distance comes in. But for games or stuff like the RTS or Sims type of games it is great.

    Excellent work on the engine. It looks great and has a strong base it appears.

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  • Anton Volkov

    Thanks, drawk!
    The engine in a stage of development, it’s intermediate demonstration. In the near future we shall show 3D-sprites, shadows and convenient work with structures. I shall be glad to your comments.

  • Anton Volkov

    By the way, about perspective correction. In Flash Player 10 there will be a display object perspective correction that will allow to modify our engine without creation of additional stuff. It is ready for this purpose since there is a quad support and real z-sorting. We wait :)

  • drawk

    Hey Anton,

    Yes very interested and watching the progress. Let us know when there is a beta for access :)

    Flash 10 and even Flash9 moviestar beta are looking good and heading the right direction.

  • rey