New AS3 2D Physics Engine Box2DFlashAS3 Based on Box2D for C++

Another great new 2D physics engine for AS3 has been released called Box2dFlashAS3 that is based on the excellent kit Box2D for C++. It has been a busy year for physics engines in AS3. FOAM was released this month, APE, the highly anticipated Motor Physics from polygonal labs and plenty more still I am sure.

The Box2dFlashAS3 version has some great demos available on the site that show, use the arrow keys to move to the different demos highlighted here.

  1. bridge
  2. ragdolls
  3. compound shapes
  4. rube goldberg / domino / tank tracks etc
  5. stacked boxes
  6. slider crank / piston
  7. pulleys
  8. gears

Box2DFlashAS3 is an open source port of Erin Catto’s powerful c++ physics library Box2D. Cycle through the demos to see some of the features.

Full source code for the engine and examples can be downloaded from the project’s sourceforge page found Here.

This kit is nice because it mimics Box2D for the crossover and ability of developers to use it in C++ and Flash AS3 moreso than other kits. It looks good and performs well except for a memory or FPS pause I get intermittently.  The demos are already inspiring many uses of the features highlighted for games and effects.

  • Den Ivanov

    Thanx for posting links to all of this physics engines )
    is good to read about all of them in one place! )))

  • drawk

    np Den exciting stuff. Physics engines launching left and right. Just need some 3d ones. There is a 3d on e in C++ called Bullet. Maybe someone wants to convert it to AS3? :)

  • james

    I feel a bit sorry for the motor physics guy who based his code on Box2d Lite. He hasn’t gotten as far as this but least he has a really nice animated loader for his stuff! :)

  • soybeansoft

    I wonder how’s the performance between physics packages (APE vs FOAM vs Box2DFlashAS3). I’m also anxious to see how it compares with haXe. Just recently, Hugh made an update on APE port to haXe, and it is slightly more faster in haXe!

    A comparison between all 6 physic packages (3 of AS3 and 3 more are ports to haXe — or maybe make it 9 then as the other 3 are AS3 version of haXe converts (hx->as3)), would really make my day :):):)

  • drawk

    hey soybeansoft, yes a benchmark will be very effective. FOAM and BOX2dFlashAS3 just came out, before that it was only APE. I am sure this will be surfacing soon, but the kits are slightly different. It would be very interesting to test some basic benchmarks for these. Also, I now Michael at Polygonal Labs has been in the bat cave making motor physics and i sa heavy optimizer, I am sure that one will perform well. In the end the best performance and simple to use wins.

  • drawk

    Hey James, Polygonal labs I am hoping they release but I am sure when it does release it will perform. Germans are known for over-engineering but this isn’t always a bad thing (i.e. mercedes benz, bmw). Making a physics engine is a load of work and supporting it even more so. I am sure if motor is released that it will be right up there with the best.