AS3 Papervision 2.0 Alpha (GreatWhite)

Only a year after release Papervision is getting a major update to 2.0.

Get it while it is hot from the SVN server on google code:

Papervision3D, launched a year ago, really sparked the AS3 and flash/flex world and inspired every flash guru I know into working on this code. There have been some great tools made and some fwa’s won but it is only the beginning.

I am mostly looking forward to performance enhancements, ascollada integration, culling and Andy Zupko’s 2d bitmap effects on 3d.

New features:

  • Faster!
  • ShadeMaterials
  • Shaders
  • ASCollada (animation support)
  • Frustrum Culling
  • Multiple Viewports (3d editor anyone?)
  • Render to Scene
  • and more!

SVN server and branch:

We do indeed like to ride the racecars!

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  • Gart Flores

    I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to install the necessary files to use Papervision 2.0
    more specifically I guess I need help hooking up SmartSVN 4 to the great white repos.

    thanks in advance.


  • Gart Flores

    nevermind… =P just didn’t know how to use SVN.