AS3 APE Line Golf – Game Kits Making Their Way Into Commercial

Here is a well done game based on the popular Line Rider phenomenon, only this one is Line Golf and it is using the APE AS3 2D Flash Physics Engine. I am sure game sites are just as excited as game developers like myself about the prospects of games that are more dynamic and fun and even 3d with the flash kits of today all thanks to the power of AS3.

Play Line Golf at Candy Stand

This was posted on the APE Google Group where onedayitwillmakeit explains more on how he modified APE for use in the game.

  • http://onedayitwillmake onedayitwillmake

    ahh, there’s no “it” in my name.

    Thanks a lot btw, its a pleasent surprise to see our game linked on your blog that i frequent.

  • drawk

    hey onedayitwillmake,

    no problem it is a great game and use of APE. Congrats looking forward to many more like it.

  • drawk

    btw I sent a couple thousand people from various sources to the game today. I hope it isn’t down because of that :). I guess that is a good problem to have. I am willing to promote any AS3 games that use toolkits to make game making pipeline in flash better. Oh and it has to be fun. Gameplay is always first :)