Away3D 3d Labyrinth Like Level Demo and Technique To Help Polycount

Who’s up for some flash 3d gauntlet? Away3d and Fabrice have posted a pretty sweet demo that samples a 3d level with a little 3d avatar running around (animated).

Fabrice has some other good notes on keeping assets in flash low poly and not relying on full 3d or shrinking that down where possible. For instance in making the walls they are more dynamic and just extrudes not really 3d point collections.
Most 3d usages (even outside flash) resort to this to make sure the featured 3d models get all the processing power and polys needed to look good but still be optimized for flash 3d (fake software rendered 3d — slower). I agree and also am interested in loading 3d flash assets as compiled SWFs, but that has it’s own set of duplication whoas. It has to be designed/planned very smart to pull off a game that can perform well.

The stuff for generating 3d worlds in flash from the FPS demo from Animas (Paul Spitzer), the intense work going on at Alternativa Game, toolkits like AS3 Geometry Exporter for 3dsmax (to away, sandy or papervision 3d format/types). And of course all the great 3d engines, physics engines and animation kits that have helped make the 3d flash pipeline for actionscript 3 (as3) a little more optimized and quite fun.

  • frmad

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  • greg

    we should have a 3D artist on staff in a month or two. Let me know if you want to start testing 3D flash assets as compiled swfs, and I’ll slot some time for it. we’ll have buildings, people and vehicles available.

  • drawk

    Hey Greg,

    Awesome dude. Yeh the key is low poly as well. Flash cannot handle more than very low poly but the textures can go all out for the main assets. In fact there is quite a market there in the next year or so for this I believe. Turbo Squid for flash 3d assets, static or animated, 3d (with sources in 3dsmax or maya), collada formats and compiled swf format to pv3d, sandy or away3d or hopefully a coming standard flash 3d model format. How sweet would that be.

  • Brett Walker

    We took a similar approach for our Papervision game for the Nissan Rogue launch ( Although we built fairly large city mazes, the building geometry was mostly planes with some extra embellishment here and there to make them stand out as more than boxes. Most of the poly love was directed to the Rogue. It ended up being quite speedy.

  • drawk

    Nice Brett, I would love to read more about it. The game was pretty sweet. Yeh it is all about the poly love (the limited amount there is) to the main actor.