AS3 Flash FPS Paradox Engine Updates – Simply Amazing

Paul Spitzer has been updating the animasinteractive paradox FPS engine for flash with some great new additions and more about the engine capabilities. I think you will be blown away again by this engine.

Paul has added proximity objects which are key elements of online multiplayer games for networking (distance based messaging and events) as well as fun stuff like proximity mines as demoed. Get over there and check it out the best, quality FPS engine yet in flash continues.

The lighting, textures, effects, HUD, all look excellent.

This is in flash, a paradox indeed.

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  • Brett Walker

    Great stuff. This just shows that, as any 3D game developer knows, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all 3D engine. A purpose-built 3D engine like this will probably outperform and out-feature PV3D for FPS games.

    One thing to note, at first I thought he was calculating shadows in real-time, but if you look at the asset JPGs it is all pre-baked shadows.

  • drawk

    Yeh you almost had have to pre-bake to get that good of a look with software rendering. Lots of flash 3d is faking it (like some of the parallax lighting over at alternativa game from russia) but that is where you can save rendering power for your main elements.

    I am also a bit excited about Director 11 finally being announced. Although there is no new 3d rendering features there is AEGIA PhysX 3d engine integration and it uses hardware rendering. I think there is a big market for Flash games that can do more though like the Paradox engine above.

  • jeremy

    This is exciting, I’ve been wishing for flash to have a good 3d engine for probably five years now.

  • gamedevjuice

    Amazing! Great work