AS3 Nascar Game By mr. doob – AS3 Flash Library Mashup

I have been one upped by mr. doob! I did a little nascar like RC pro am like prototype in march ’07 when the pv3d kit showed up on my screen and I was hooked like most suceptible flashers who have longed for 3d in flash! Only my version is like Nintendo64 and his is like xbox360 with updated effects and physics kits and some doob magic. All these are based off of, of course the original race car driver in Papervision and its creator Carlos Ulloa (Adobe should be paying this man).

To the feature! This is a sweet game by mr. doob, called burn and brag for Nascar.

Now I don’t’ particularly like Nascar all that much but who doesn’t like to peel out to some fiddlin’? I mainly do Nascar stuff because it is highly marketable and like the only answer most ad agencies have for getting the southern us markets it seems, that and c-o-u-n-t-r-y mu-si-c (must be said at a slower rate).

But I digress, this is a perfect mix of advertisment, game play, fun and experience. It is fast, simple, and playable. Exactly the simplicity and smoothness needed of gameplay and playback.  Great ad work but it also gives something fun to do and best of all it is built in AS3 flash with a plethora of libraries from the flash as3 community.

The game platform is emerging fantastically in the AS3 market. mrdoob used these kits to build this:

It would be cool to see a post on how he did the replays with tweener – I imagine just a series of points collected with car state (current position state) and then just play them back with a call back or time delay. You’d have to capture alot for smooth playback without laggy movements.  I am working on multiplayer games with this same issue for a current project.

Game on! The question is when will this be SOTD or SOTM at

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  • Mr.doob

    Hey man! Thanks for the post :D

    To detail a bit on the replay with Tweener. At first it was just storing keyStrokes, which still does for the engine sound actually. The idea was to use the same keyStrokes at the same time and pass it to the box2d simulation. The problem was that a slight change of FPS it was distorting the simulation and even a tiny change at the beginning made the final totally different.

    Quick solution, sampling. Basicly saves the position/rotation of the car ever 100ms. Then with Tweener I create 3 beziers (x/y/rotation), and press play :) Thanks Zeh!

    However, that is a bit dirty as the collisions kind of doesn’t work. It’s something I’ll have to check these days a bit more. But by now it was more than enough, specially for this track, the next tracks will need to be more precise.

    Thanks once agan!

  • Mr.doob

    Ah, and yeah.. tell me about the country music… :S

  • drawk

    hey mr. doob,

    Killer dude yeh I was thinking it might have been the bezier. Well done man hope it gets an fwa it made my day. I bet that was fun in the office testing the game with some squaredancing going on behind you.

    It is just so cool to see really well done games with kits from the flash community. It is becoming quite a nice modular, pluggable way to create really cool stuff fast.

  • Jasmine

    Does someone know when Alpha Protocol for Xbox360 will be released?