TweenMax Bezier Tweening Released for AS2 and AS3 by Jack at GreenSock – And List of Animation Kits

TweenMax (Speed Test) has been released that adds a main feature missing from GreenSock’s offerings in tween animation libraries and kits over Tweener. That is the bezier curve tween. Tweener is very popular for use in PV3d and AS3 due to the bezier curve and Zeh’s great example that is really the base of a possible 3d editor. TweenMax now adds this and bezier tween capability for the GreenSock animation libraries.

Tweener and TweenLite have become the micro animation kits as well as micro kits you can make with Go base kits. TweenLite, TweenFilterLite and TweenMax divided up into different kits allows it to be embedded for banners or small assets easier if you don’t need the filters or other advanced tweens (this comes into play heavily with large games and asset collections when the compiled SWF each need the library). Tweener packs all features into one kit for simplicity. GreenSock kits are divided up for need. The comparison together is about the same but for basic tweens TweenLite is only 2k.

Performance is one area that the kits from GreenSock have really shined and since the addition of the speed tests and benchmarks it has become a great focus on showing how the open source kits are much better than bloated included animation calls in Flash and Flex defaults. I think all the kits have niches that they fit and Tweener and TweenLite are just very simple to use which adds alot to an animation kit success.

List of Animation Kits for AS3 (some for AS2 as well)

If you are using the Flex of Flash default animation classes, I am sorry…

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  • mattprzybylski

    Hey Ryan,
    I just saw your post about this right after finishing my post about scripted animation basics. I also posted your previous post about tweening engines in my post as a cross-reference so I hope you don’t mind. My post can be found here:

    I’m hoping these things help people in deciding what engine to use. Keep up the good work here.

  • drawk

    no problem yeh what is emerging here in the AS3/flash/flex and maybe silverlight communities is a real platform, for games, for improved performance and development, making everyone better. I hope people are aware of the great work going on by others even if you plan to build your own. I think flash communities were great before but since as3 emerged it has been something else much greater.

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  • mattprzybylski

    i agree, with the whole open source movement there is tons of awesome things going on right now. granted it is a lot to learn and take in at once, but it’s all for the better as there is more tools out there for you to use and you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. its a good time to be a flash/flex/as3 developer.

  • Mims H. Wright

    Hey, what about KitchenSync!

  • drawk

    Kitchen sync looks really nice for elaborate tweening with sequencing etc. Nice job Mims I will take a look.

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