AS3 Flash 3D Engine Alternativa Platform Drops A Nuke – Isometric and FPS

This will blow you away. Found first via mrdoob (with quantum rss reading capability, before the message is concieved mrdoob is there).

Alternativa Platform, previously Alternativa Game, launched their Alternativa Platform milestone 1 and really one demo would have been enough but there are some great demos there that literally put them what appears a couple laps up on the 3d FPS style engine in Flash.

The engine is highly optimized and smooth, heavy on the processor, but using the ‘t’ key you can see some nice revealing triangle rendering. Also, playing with the field of view adds for some nice game effects. (try jumping on the fans in the half-life like room in the first demo)

Check the textures

See the Matrix

Get superpowers

From Above, Isometric

Here is what is to come from the platform:

Congrats to the Russian based Alternativa Platform, the world is watching.

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  • rey

    “the world is watching” and getting horribly board. There needs to be some mention of what is planned for the engine.

  • drawk

    hey rey,

    yeh it is like any gaming industry title or creation, these things take time… It can be hard to measure when to release and when to stop. It is pretty obvioius their iterations are getting better. closer. But like any good tech pushing limits, it just takes time.

    I would like to hear about their business model more for usage or what type of openness it will have etc. The tech is amazing but there are three parts to success, technology, bus/marketing/product/design, and most importantly, timing…

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  • Sniperdog

    I’d have to agree with rey. All this looks great but what are you trying to accomplish? You should get the source code out asap so people can start developing and give this project direction. If you wait until you’ve got a full isometric rpg with all the bells and whistles then people are going to get seriously bored waiting. Even if its not complete, people like myself want to CREATE, not see an endless list of tech demos. Let the pigeons loose.

  • Anton Volkov

    we’re planning to open SWC-library for non-commercial use, and also preparing licenses for commercial use in any projects.

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  • brandon

    heres the thing. why advance flash technology to this point? flash will never be able to replace java and c++ and despite this being an amazing engine theres nobody going to be developing much on it except very advanced actionscripters. people trying to make large scale games want to actually use a more efficent language. don’t tell me actionscript wont lag as i know even as3 will with a file size that you are presenting… with incredible textures and probably a large visual engine alone. i love you trying to advance flash but it cant be done in large scale games and never will, it is for medium experienced game developers/hobbiests (a real programmer that has a job uses a bunch of languages that dont include flash as3) . also as3 is relitivly new how do you know people can develop on this unless you spoonfeed them codes making games extreamly similar.

  • drawk

    hey brandon,

    I hear what you are saying but Flash itself is built in C++. I agree that games can be made much better (for realistic rendering) in other languages but the BIGGEST gaming market is kids, and older women. If you are interested in making money that market cannot be ignored, flash works great for many of those games and as processors evolve platforms evolve to make it more simple to code with. Why not write games in assembly over C or C++? Or how about making the computer from scratch then the OSI layers then the languages and interpreters and then make a game.

    Usually the market changes from demand. The previous demand was a lightweight, highly optimized media experience in Flash. It is evolving right along with processors and delivers on demand. It is relatively simple to code in (as3 is stil a ‘toy’ language but you don’t want to know what the assembly coders said about the C and C++ coders and what the C and C++ coders said about the virtual machine managed coders in C# and Java and further what the C# and Java coders said about the dynamic languages like Python and Ruby.

    It is just markets evolving. It is sure fun to see it change and grow and I think that for most non realistic games (cartoon games and puzzles etc) why spend the extra money on harder development and longer timelines?

    Flash may one day have hardware rendering for 3d (shockwave did but was early) and may change your mind. And if you can code in as3 (which is ES4 based Javascript2) instead of OpenGL or DirectX directly, well then you probably will. OpenGL and DirectX are evolving as well but at a certain point platforms become pieces of the software stack and faster more agile systems are built on top of them. Flash is written in C++ and it is the most widely available game platform. It is harder to get the platform that it is the content.

    It doesn’t seem like it but 80% of gamers are over 30 and over half of gamers are women. Flash is money in that market. eventually gaming platforms reinvent scripting (UnrealScript and others) that help develop more rapidly with more power. Evolution in software will always do this, bank on that and give it time.

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  • протезирование зубов

    Прикольно! :)

  • xos

    Have you seen this free flash 3d player?



  • steven

    I know from playing w papervision that it is soooo limiting compared to the 3d people really want. Alternativa definitely looks like what people want, the question is how much the licensing will cost and how easy will the library be to use, bugs… stuff i feel like we will find out soon. I also did not see too much character animation. They need to be able to load from 3d modeling programs easily. it should be interesting to see if papervision can update their z sorting algorithms or adapt. I also wonder if there will be other people taking a stab at it now that flash 10 is on the scene.

  • chalic1

    Подскажите, как бороться с этим С П А М О М?

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