Box2DFlashAS3 Version 2 Released – AS3 2D Physics Engine

Box2dFlashAS3 has been updated to version 2.0 complete with ragdolls and Theo Jansen walkers ala APE fame.

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  • Roebrt

    You guys should do a showdown of all the Flash physics engines, comparing the speed and features in a table. I’m sure it would be helpful for many people who are deciding which one they will use for their project, as there are many to choose from now.

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  • riverbed wan optimization

    We already saw the Diamond and Omnia in action and you’ re free to replay the game here. The Diamond surely has a few things to offer over the Omnia (VGA screen, smaller size, 3D acceleration, and magnetic stylus) but it also has its issues here and there to make it a tough call indeed. We do hope however that this review will bring you a little closer to deciding your allegiance.