A Peek into the AS3 and AVM2 Virtual Machine and ‘Elastic Racetrack’

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  • http://twitter.com/skitsanos Skitsanos

    “javascript version of actionscript” ??? there is no such thing as “javascript version of actionscript”. there is JavaScript and there is ActionScript that both comes out of ECMAScript…

  • http://drawlogic.com/ drawk

    Yeh just like I said “ES4 based javascript version of actionscript ”

    Action script is based on Javascript and as3 is based on ES4 javascript. When ES4 javascript makes it into the browser it is essentially the same as actionscript (minus the flash object model).

    So yes, actionscript is a version of javascript. An early version of ES4 in as3.

  • http://drawlogic.com/ drawk

    probably would have been better stated like this “ES4 javascript based version of actionscript”.