AS3 Geocode with Flex, Papervision3D Tutorial and Other 3D in Flash Goodness

Ever wanted to geocode in 3d with flex and AS3Mark Walters added a great simplified approach to this on the EDGE Adobe site that helps get you started.  It uses Yahoo maps to get the lat/long and then has a globe that you can add markers onto.

Some other great uses of 3d and interface are here, link roundup:

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  • Michael Lively

    I was so happy with Mark Walter’s release that I extended it to include the following:


    1. Colored Markers
    2. Clickable Markers with Video Playback
    (click the ball)
    3. Persistent – flat file system DOM
    Flex sorting
    Not Table-Table but Table-File
    4. Marker Sets
    5. Add Marker sets and Markers
    6. Video and Text Description Fields
    7. Clock

    I have been working with Yahoo maps for some time, but was having some difficulty with the markers. Mark’s code provided great insight on the issue. You can find the Video Demo, Program Demo, and Source Files below

    Video Demo:

    Program Demo:

    Source Code:

    Give freely and you will freely receive…


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  • Billigflüge

    So far very nice! Thanks again for the info and hint. When I implement one of your suggestions I can go on with the next one.

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