Andre Michelle Brings It with Audiotools and Re-Makes Rebirth Alive and Better with AS3 Flash and Java

If you ever were a fan of Rebirth and Rebirth 2, this was a music kit that had two 303s, a 909 and an 808 kick drum (beastie says mmmmmm-m-m drop!).  Well Andre Michelle has re-ignited that awesomeness and upped it with the Audio Tools from hobnox!.

This not only has the famed 808, 909 and 303 (conveniently covered with stickers of love) but also sorts of channel mixers, pedals and sweet interface that mimics the inputs and outputs as well as customization on nearly every aspect of the audio creation with these tools. Use your mouse to move things around, connect ins and outs and move the whole setup around.

This setup on about 80 bpm and a little tinkering is groovy.

I think I just found my new batcave evil genius code monkey theme music

Apparently Andre and Joa made some noise and now you can too.  Also I noticed that some of it is in java for the sound output.  I wonder if Adobe missed an opportunity here in audio with flash, which will change probably in Flash 10 due to the Make Some Noise Adobe campaign and Tinic Uro for listening.  But for now have some fun. It is hard to find something that doesn’t sound good in the 80-90 bpm range.

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  • David

    Hi Drawk, thanks a lot for the post about the Audiotool, glad you like it. We really appreciate the support. I’ll keep you posted about the updates that will be rolled out in the summer.
    Cheers, David/Hobnox

  • Jason Frasier

    How do you get the sound to output?

  • drawk

    Sound output you hit play and then take an out audio port and put it into the 16 track mixer at the top in an in port. Try with the 303s with the beat and then on the upper right of the device click and drag the cord to the in on the 16 track mixer, then jam out.

  • drawk

    np David looking forward to more features, save, remixing, maybe other devices etc.

  • David

    Drawk: We’re set:
    New version of the Audiotool is online now, recording your tracks is finally possible:
    We recommend the Drum n Bass preset
    All the details about the new version in our blog:

    Can’t wait to hear what you think…

    Cheers, David