AS3 3D Physics, Cloth and Bones Demos by Roxik

Roxik has a 3d physics engine of his own. This is the same dude that did the well done pictaps site.

Looks like he also recently added an engine for cloth.

Also the bones demo is pretty sweet

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  • galdric

    thoses examples are amazing, btw, he did also the famous: Apparently, he’s gonna open his 3D rendering library ‘Sharikura’ in open source… can’t wait ;)

  • noah

    Roxik is a freaking genius! I’m just praying to my athiest god-1 that he open sources!

  • drawk

    Yeh I was going to say something about open sourcing, it will make him even more of a genius than he already is. Bones in as3 today!

  • Jordan Robinson

    looks like it will be open source:


  • Блейн

    Кажется всем понравится.