AS3 Plinko with APE 2D Flash Physics Engine

I rarely mention stuff I have worked on here but I got a chance to use APE and AS3 on the online Plinko game at the site for the Price is Right videogame for the famed pink Plinko Board.  Who doesn’t love Plinko?

I did the programming on this back when I still worked at emarketing/prizelogic.

I will be featuring a small iteration to APE with draggable particles and how I did it.  In the end I didn’t use the draggable particles but they are fun (i ended up changing my collision/border particles after testing).  I ended up controlling the drop location by swapping out a wheel particle after they dropped it.  So that it got the famous Plinko disc bounce and roll.

Why did I use APE? Well it is the least complex physics engine.  I started off with Box2dFlashAS3 and will post that one maybe as well but ended up going with APE mainly for integration it was easier that it was a less intensive codebase.  Box2DFlashAS3 can scare non C++ coders with it’s style let alone AS2 coders moving to AS3.

It is slower with all the other animation going on in the site but you can also play on my server here just the Plinko part.

Can you get 10,000?

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  • TG

    Your email validation code in the game is incorrect — it flags my address…

  • MikeTheVike

    Pretty sweet, I got $11500!!

  • Nate Chatellier

    The game performs nicely on your server, but honestly, it’s *really* crappy on the actual priceisrightvideogame server. I have a quad core system with 4 gb of ram and I couldn’t even see my plinko chips fall. And the longer the site stayed open on my computer, the worse the performance got. It finally crashed Firefox 3 and I had to completely restart it. Not good mojo for the site. It did function nice on your server and I got 22,000 my first time around :)

    Regarding APE vs Box2DFlashAS3, I also tried both on one of my projects and came to nearly the same conclusion that you did. Although Box2DFlashAS3 is clearly more refined and has stronger capabilities, it took me way longer to get everything up and running than I thought it really should. I also ended up choosing APE, and although it’s lacking a few features that I wanted, it was quick and easy to get up and running with it.

    Anyway, fun game, thanks.

  • Macaca

    I used Box2DFlashAS3 on a project at work and ended up writing a layer on top of it to take away the sharp edges. Box2D is VERY fast but it’s structure totally goes against anything I ever learned while doing nice-n-clean AS2/AS3 (it really is a C++ port, and those folks think different :)

    I used easy classes to set thing up nicely, then let loose the simulation and made some useable accessors to manipulate the Box2D objects. That turned out to be a project by itself, and once the game was finished i never got around to completing the layer and tidying it up (and by then the new version of the Box2D port was reported to come out anyway).

    APE is very friendly to use, very nice AS3 style, but indeed it lacks a bit in features (polygon and/or triangle particles!)

  • drawk

    Thanks all, yeh as for the actual site that integration was done by others and it is a little heavy. But it was really fun working with AS3 and APE. I really dig Box2DFlashAS3, Motor2 and FOAM but APE fit this task nicely as I was working with some peeps that are still coming across the AS2 to AS3 divide.

  • Karl

    Fantastic! I scored $12,000 after about 20 attempts.

  • Angel Romero
  • klem

    Funnny :) I scored $21.000 :p… and I’ve got a plinko chip wedged on the top.

  • drawk

    Hey klem, yeh I really should have put a tilt button or worked in a bit of shake or differentation that isn’t visible. I managed to do it after about 100 tries if you get the right velocity and bounce. This simply means you are a gaming elite :)

  • Thomas Viktil

    Looks great! I wish the background music was a bit louder -it’s cool :)

    I’m running a debugger version of the Flash Player and got a few errors. I can remember 3 of them was regarding creating multiple instances of BulkLoader.