More Creative Flash AS3 Papervision 3D Games

Here are some really stylish and well done uses of Papervision 3D to make fun games. The people at Bloc recently launched Meta4orce, a unique interactive sci-fi TV show site with some great and numerous uses of papervision 3d.  My favorite is the tron like style and the tower defense game called shock to the system.

Shock to the system

Mako User Interface

Deadsphere Pt. I

and many more check them out at Iain Lobb.

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  • Джонище

    Да уж, хорошо написано.

  • Shane

    I don’t think this is done with papervision3d, this seems to be done with their own library instead……

  • drawk

    Hey Shane,

    It is, they say so on the site. Amazing stuff, looks like alot of effects use and the latest and greatest. They pulled off a sweet consistent style across all games perfectly.