AS3 Papervision 3D Debugging/Stats with PV3DDebug

I have been doing lots of Papervision 3D for a project recently and needed to debug some placement and camera issues.  I did a quick search and found PV3DDebug by Jason Bejot and it worked out great and is a pretty sweet utility I thought I would mention when you need to debug Papervision or even for inclusion as a debug console in all your papervision apps and games. It is a good base for your own consoles or debug panels. It is also a great tool to help out with focus and zoom issues and understanding with camera placement.

The code is really easy to drop in and you can get lots of info on the PV3D scenes and camera manipulation.

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  • Tony Lesnor

    Super cool. I was alos looking for something like this. Took a look at teh Phenom site too. Great stuff! They have some other cool stuff on their blog as well ( Sounds like they are getting a Surface machine soon (from one of their posts). These guys are in Nebraska?..

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  • canado

    When I open it in FF with one tab I got around 7Mo of memory
    When I have multiple tab with flash inside it goes up to 70 even more

    I guess it counts the memory that flash takes in all the tabs,
    can you confirm?

  • drawk

    Yes it will count the memory in all tabs. The more flash you have open your memory can get pretty high.

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