AS3 FVorbis Flash Ogg Vorbis Player

This project is stacked with cool, but is also useful, an ogg/vorbis player in flash/as3.  Arek Korbik at barelyfocused implemented a port for a pure Ogg/Vorbis audio library called FVorbis.  Check out the demo (need flash player 10). Groovy.

The name is: FVorbis. Which stands for more or less “Ogg and Vorbis in Flash”. That’s right, pure ActionScript 3 implementation of the Ogg and Vorbis libraries that require no kind of native support from the Flash Player. A simple Vorbis player implemented using the new FVorbis lib compiles to about 46KB SWF file. And that’s it.

To top it off the code is actually written in haXe, a favorite of the flasherati. This version was iterated from the Cortado’s JOrbis code.

Ogg Vorbis is a great open source audio format which is widely popular in game engines such as recent tools like Unity3D (which will be launching their iPhone dev kit on Oct 22 btw but I digress), so it is great to see it starting to appear in flash. Thanks Arek.

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  • Mr.doob

    Bye bye MP3!!!

    But I wonder which one uses more CPU, I would says non-native OGG decompression would be a bit slower than native MP3 decompression, wouldn’t it?

  • drawk

    Yeh seems like it as anything run though a virtual machine typically has more overhead rather than native but this is still pretty cool. I hope flash gets some support for more better audio and with Andre’s hobnox audiotool mixer, adobe make some noise and stuff like this maybe we will be FMODing it soon.

  • Thijs

    Amazing! Thanks for posting this, very cool stuff.

  • David

    Code is there.

    It’s a bzr repo. Just type: “bzr clone” to get the code.

  • Adam

    Does mean finally gapless looping in flash of anything but .WAV?

  • Grax

    I’m trying to copy the source code with Bazaar (by typing in the clone text you posted above) but it doesn’t seem to work. I get the following error:

    “bzr: ERROR: Unable to create symlink ‘test.swf’ on this platform”

    Is there something I’m doing wrong? Is everything working on the server?


  • Alan Palmer


    The source code is not ont the server. The directory listing is ok, but the link pointing is an empty directory….

    Please help us, for we can to download your source.


  • http://http// Ryan Christensen

    Hey guys, per the comments by david it is in a bzr repository. You need to be running bzr to pull the code and then run the command: “bzr clone”

  • Mattias

    It doesnt work, i get an error saying that the symlink test.swf can’t be created.

  • LC

    Great work :) I was hoping that I could ditch my JOrbis based player, but it doesn’t look like chaining works (,where a stream is made up of multiple files fed by a source client to a streaming server such as icecast). JOrbis currently handles this.

    Any idea on when it might be included? A sample stream to use would be ( I’ve put a copy of the test swf at ) you’ll notice that although there’s an opener clip that then leads into the main clip, only the opener clip opens and then the stream is cut off.