haXe 2.01 Now with Flash 10 Support


Nicolas Cannasse has released haXe 2.01 that now has flash 10 support with a simple switch including the new Vector class.

Another very good news is that haXe has now complete support for Flash 10.
You only have to use -swf-version 10 as commandline parameter to be able to access the new Flash10 APIs (don’t forget to install first the FP10 from labs.adobe.com).

I think it is very possible for haXe to catch on big time, but it takes time as stated. Just remember that Python was worked on almost solely by Guido van Rossum for about 5-years, and then 10-years later it was picked up by Google heavily and the rest is history.  I think it takes 10 years for anything to really catch on from standards to languages.

code_swarm – Python from Michael Ogawa on Vimeo.

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  • doug

    Great news!

    I’ve been experimenting and reading up about HaXe for a while now. This could be just the thing to make me take the plunge with it.
    It’s an amazing idea so i hope it takes off…

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  • http://www.dummwiam.com DuMmWiaM

    Impressive, I think it’s time to give it a go. It will be very interesting to develop, under a single API for 3 languages that I use all the time: ActionScript, JavaScript and PHP!

  • jun

    I gave up on haXe way back when and switched to FlashDevelop. The haXe syntax differs too much from normal flash code and the documentation is not so good and no good examples.

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  • http://drawlogic.com/ drawk

    Hey Jun,

    If you are using FlashDevelop3 there are haXe projects and markup. It is actually a great environment for it. FlashDevelop3 is my favorite IDE due to this wide support from flash to flex to haXe. haXe is pretty powerful in terms of extending beyond just web as well, it is a meta platform encompassing others that is pretty fun and probably more of the next steps in technology, maybe too early but not for me.