AS3 Augmented Reality in Flash and Papervision 3D and FLARToolKit

Augmented reality is a very cool technology.  It is the star wars holograms that we always want, it is playing a game that maps out the physical world mixed with virtual assets, it is straight up cool.

The FLARToolKit is doing some of this cool in Flash.  This little toolkit is pretty sweet mapping points and sets of points to patterns, colors or other visual queues that technology can latch onto.  Combine this with a webcam and you have some pretty cool AR.

Desktop Fireworks from Saqoosha on Vimeo.

Found via today and tomorrow:

I’ve been following the development of FLARToolKit for some time now and it’s getting more interesting day by day. What it is? FLARToolKit is a Flash Actionscript port of ARToolKit, a software library for building Augmented Reality applications. Huh? Maybe you’ve seen some really cool Augmented Reality videos before. The FLARToolKit will bring all of this to your webbrowser when you have a webcam and a recent Flash Player.

This is one of the most exciting Flash things I’ve seen for a while now. Saqoosha, a Japanese Flash developer, made this little demo: Desktop Fireworks. You will need a the Flash Player 9, a webcam and you’ll need to print out this marker. I’ve already did some tests together with Papervision3D and I can say we’ll probably see more of this soon. This is Flash at it’s best baby!

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