More Flash <-> Unity3D Communication – u3dObject at Google Code

I have mentioned before that flash to unity3d communication is a key part of game development for the web now where you are using Unity3D as a higher end renderer and some of your other page elements might be flash. Now there is a new open source kit for this called u3dobject.

To get Flash and Unity3D to talk to one another in an HTML/XHTML page is pretty simple with javascript and with the internal Unity3D Application object and the ExternalInterface in Flash.  But there are lots of elements of that communication that can be consolidated and reused so you don’t have to recreate that over and over.  Various studios and programmers come up with their own kits but when it becomes a shared activity to get the best integration and make it more of a platform that is where things like swfobject, swfaddress and u3dobject come in.

So far swfobject is the standard for flash html embedding and unityObject is a similar take (but a bit dated) on that but now we have u3dObject that is open as well and a more official open source project for unity3D <–> flash integration and test harnesses for development when those two technologies are used together.

Unity3D <-> Flash Embedding Info:

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  • Eduardo

    Thanks for the support!

    It’s important that the community get the tool and help with it’s improvement by reporting bugs and requesting features too!

    We based most of the features on our needs… But it’s nice to receive new ideas!

  • drawk


    Thanks for the toolkit. Hopefully these type of things become more standard like SWFObject and SWFAddress for flash. Makes for a nice architectural platform to use and takes the tedium out of production and let’s the developers focus on the project at hand. Plus when stuff like this used maintaining it from developer to developer is easier. So this is always welcome for stuff like this. Thanks.

  • Eduardo

    Sure it is!

    I think these kind of project “optimizer” are extremely necessary. With some projects done It’s clear that a lot of work is repetead in various parts of a site or AS3 project.
    Tools like SWFAddress, Tween Classes, 3d APIs, SWFObject are the next step in matters of web development.

    Thanks for sharing space!

  • Patrick

    Nice work!

    Can the two sides also exchange bitmapdata (Flash) texture (Unity3D)?

  • Eduardo

    Only if it’s encoded in a String.. bytes cannot be passed in JS calls (I think)…
    But if you convert all pixels channels in chars it’s possible to pass.. just avoidin the channels that are ’0′… Yet it would just slow down your application… the overhead in sending this kind of data per frame is too high…

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