AS3 Flash/Flex 3D Physics Engine JiglibFlash Based on JigLib C++ 3D Physics Engine

(use arrow keys and spacebar to control the red ball)

A new 3d physics library is under development and in early stages called jiglibflash.  Like the Box2D ports it is based on a C++ library of the same name called jiglib, only this is 3D instead of 2D.  It is similar in purpose to WOW Engine which is the other current open source 3d flash physics engine.  For more on this toolkit see the links below.

UPDATE: katopz has also ported this to use Away3D as the renderer.

UPDATE: Also updated for the sandy3d engine as the renderer.

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  • damonky

    Thats brilliant! It looks a lot more advanced in terms of collision detection that WOW. cant wait to give it a try.

  • drawk

    Yeh first impression is it was pretty snappy and performing well. Of course this is on a later flash version but still it has quite a few elements and is reactive as you’d expect. The lack of shadows give depth a bit of issue but that could be the chosen assets. It is really impressive and a new toy.

  • katopz
  • Flashbookmarks

    Happy new year and thanks for making this post :)

    Nice work katopz!

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