Director 11.5 Released with ByteArray Support

 Director 11.5 was quietly released last week at GDC with a few nice upgrades.

  • The sound library is updated to Dolby surround 5.1. 
  • Director 11 now supports ByteArray and binary data handling. 
  • It also states support for Flash 9 swfs. Previously Director 11 did not work well/atall with AS3/Flash 9 swfs which made it nearly useless.
  • Streaming support for audio and video with RTMP (red5, flash media server, etc)
  • Updated video support
  • Bitmap and audio filters for video

I still think Director is on decline unless they open up the development platform, lose Lingo and allow a real IDE to develop with. So frustrating being restrained to that IDE that is not very flexible and cumbersome to extend and code in when you compare it with cutting edge IDEs like Unity3D or open source flash IDEs like FlashDevelop. It has been completely removed from our workflow for some time due to new Flash 2.5D engines such as papervision 3d, away 3d and sandy or for more immersive hardware rendered 3d, unity3d. 


Adobe Director version comparison chart
Product features Director 11.5 Director 11 Director MX 2004
Support for 5.1 surround sound Yes No No
Real-time audio mixing Yes No No
Audio effects and DSP filters Yes No No
H.264 MPEG-4, FLV, and F4V video support Yes No No
Streaming support for audio and video with RTMP Yes No No
Ability to apply audio filters on a video Yes No No
Ability to apply bitmap filters on a video Yes No No
Google SketchUp file import Yes No No
Enhanced physics engine with support for dynamic concave rigid bodies Yes No No
ByteArray datatype for binary data handling Yes No No
Multiple undo/redo for text editors Yes No No
Text rendering and performance optimization Yes No No
Cross-domain policy support for Adobe Shockwave® Player Yes No No
Mac OS X Leopard support Yes No No
Unicode support Yes Yes No
Microsoft DirectX 9 support Yes Yes No
Advanced physics engine with included NVIDIA® PhysX™ support Yes Yes No
JavaScript dictionary Yes Yes No
Code snippets Yes Yes No
Bitmap filters Yes Yes No
Microsoft® Windows Vista® support Yes Yes No
Support for Intel® based Macs Yes Yes No
Cross-platform projector publishing Yes Yes Yes
Web publishing with Adobe Shockwave Player Yes Yes Yes
Support for more than 40 video, audio, and image file formats, including SWF Yes Yes Yes

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  • Jensa

    PV3D, Away3D and Sandy = 2.5D? Could you elaborate a bit on that? I thought 2.5D was more like the Flash 10 postcards in space?


  • Stuart

    Perhaps if Adobe gave me a discount for being a Flash owner I might try it, but even with extra $500, Unity is just too attractive.

  • Iain

    With Director you can’t help thinking what could have been. Back in the Director7 vs. Flash4 days there was no comparison, Director just kicked ass in every arena. But Macromedia dropped the ball after 8.5 and it never recovered.

    I think with Lingo they just didn’t want to change the language that there customers were used to. Think about how much pain / complaining there is from AS3 – that’s what they were trying to avoid I think.

    Weirdly, I’m not loving Unity3D as much as I thought I would. I think it’s because it’s visual editing rather than code-driven. Give me nothing to look at but an empty code window and I’d be happier! The engine still blows me away, but I have to get used to that new paradigm of working.

  • Ryan

    @jensa: the flash 10 postcards in space use the same type of scripted, software render that pv3d, away3d, sandy etc use. That’s what I meant.

    @Stuart; agreed, the only people buying director are the invested ones, nobody new is digging in. That is a bad problem.

    @Ian: Yeh unity3d is visual but you can still do almost everything via script. Meshes, game components, etc can all be added with code. But it is very easy and sometimes more useful visually, it is one 3d editor that is usable.

  • gamenoid

    director is an old Soviet tank where you can go if you want but you must be a master of all trades. Problems with sound, design interfaces, etc. Adobe need to be solved, and finally close this project and do not torment themselves and developers

  • Dmitry St

    with Director you can use great power of 3D,
    but both Director Lingo and “JavaScript” languages too ugly to be.
    I think all that Adobe should do –
    just add 3D engine from Shockwave to Flash player(with other extras),
    and integrate this new futures with AVM2( or let it be AVM 3.0),
    and call this one Shockwave Player 12.
    This new Director project can be attached to Gumbo project,
    and we will have the best product from Adobe ever.
    Wath do you think?

  • drawk

    Dmitry I would love it Adobe added a 3d canvas and a browser canvas. The 3d canvas could be pulled form director but it would need better support not just Director3D and w3d formats. They added COLLADA recently so that is good but still far behind Unity3D pipeline and renderer now.