Torque 3D Extremely Cool Feature – In Game Browser Web Surface/Canvas Capable of Web Render w/ HTML, Flash, Video etc.

Torque3D seems to have full featured browser surfaces that you can use in the 3d engine seamlessly, see the video below (at :38). This is amazing stuff.

Making games that integrate content from the web is especially required these days.  It is a difficult thing to do within the 3d render because of all the plugins, styling etc that needs to be rendered on a 3d surface.  Well Torque3D has a killer feature in that it supports entirely full features browser render on a 3d surface.  So now you can integrate html content, flash video etc in your game easily.

You can play content in flash player content easily and have stripped down html but it is limited, you can play videos and have content in Unity3d but it is limited, even larger engines like Unreal 3 have difficulty handling flash and html content.  If this is a good implementation Torque3D has a killer feature on their hands! Flash is commonly used as user interface elements and content within games but it can be challenging.  This is pretty exciting if it works as advertised. Think of how cool all the little consoles, mini-games and controls in 3d games could be in flash easily.

See at :38 in the video…

GDC 2009 – Torque 3D Web Demo from GarageGames on Vimeo.

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  • Macaca

    Great stuff. Notice lots of next-gen games use Flash allready: i heard Mass Effect for example renders it HUD through a Flash implementation, for easy multi-resolution scaling etc.

  • infocyde

    I hear that Torque, once you get past the basics, is kind of a bear to program. With this single feature it would appear to leap frog ahead of Unity 3D, but I’m a little leary about taking on Torque if Unity is easer. Anyone have any recent experience with Torque, or the beta of Torque 3D?

  • Phil

    I believe that the OGRE engine also has a serious set of plugins that allow you to create UI from flash and as Macaca stated there are many “next-gen” games that are using SWFs for UI amongst other things.

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  • drawk

    Yes Flash will be used in games for interfaces for some time, also in game interfaces would be sweet like this sample. Also just the ability to feed in content from the web in all formats (no matter the plugin etc) would be great. Torque3D is a new engine by GG but it is still based on C++ and using TorqueScript to edit. Unity3D is still a better pipeline and easier but Torque 3D is yet to be released (will be in beta soon) and it will be nice to have some competition in this area to push the space along. I am into both Unity3D and Torque3D and they might have cases where one is better than the other depending on project, or once T3D is out it might not even compare well. But from the looks of things we have some GAME ON!

  • http://geekspeak.creatrixgames,com jason

    Nice!! I would love to see something like this in Unity.

  • design9

    Unity has a 3rd party HTML texture plugin that exactly this. It’s not part of the Unity runtime and therefore only works with Unity standalone published apps.

  • ryan

    @design9 – Yeh you can pretty much do anything with unity outside the player via plugins. It is a killer engine. The Web Player is much more strict. I would say it woudl be nice to have this in the web player. Also, one other killer feature I have been hoping for and mentioning on their forums (unity3d) is the ability to have an external cache to save assets. The limits of browser cache at 25MB for some browsers causes lots of repeat downloads. Kindof like flash’s shared object repository cache but bigger and user controlled. I am hoping for a 3d engine such as Unity3d or other to support both of these features. Even for just having web content and videos playig in your game and the ability to have larger scale games with lots of assets so it is economical.