Augmented Reality ARToolkit for Processing

The ARToolkit has been ported to be used with Processing.

Augmented Reality and the base of the original ARToolkit has taken the flash world by storm with the FLARToolkit and really the speed updates of the AVM2 in Flash9 and Flash10 to be able to pull off the OpenCV calculations needed on the bitmap data from each frame of a camera. It has been around quite some time but now web based engines such as Flash and now Processing can take advantage of this awesome technology.

The Simple ARToolKit Library for Processing (PC) is just a basic port of single marker AR support and it currently only runs on windows.

Den Ivanov did some cool experiments with this kit but adding the capability to do multiple markers.  In his videos the processing runtime seems to process the render pretty quickly.  It seems that most Flash AR is around like 5-10 frames per second for the detection.

*mute the sound*

ARToolkit for processing tests from den ivanov on Vimeo.

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  • Eugene

    Hey! Why you think that flash is slow at multi marker detection?
    Look here:
    Steering beahaviors with multimarkers runs smooth at 30 FPS!
    Ofcourse flash is not so fast as java but it is not as slow as you describing it.

  • ryan

    @Eugene, nice not bad on the FPS. Still though the fps is more on the 3d which wasn’t what I was talking about. I was talking about how fast the detection is, if you move things in flash it detects much slower than it plays, i.e. rotating the marker or moving it rapidly.