Flash 3D Engine Yogurt3D based on OpenGL

Yogurt3D flash based 3d engine appeared recently and is another flash based 3d engine which is based on OpenGL called SwiftGL and is stated as open source.

The site mentions that OpenGL source can be converted to run in the engine.  You can do this now with Alchemy although it is in very early stages.  It is not clear if it is an automatic conversion or if it simply means it is similar in syntax and method signatures, objects etc.

I definitely will be watching and see how it progresses, there isn’t much other than a single post about the engine so far and no info on the api or sample code.  Looking forward to seeing more, the z-sorting is quite nice.  Doesn’t appear like collisions are there yet but it has a nice look.

Sometimes excellent toolkits come out of the blue like this such as Ffilmation (isometric flash engine) or Alternativa (flash 3d engine flash 10 focused) so you never know.

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  • Macaca

    I already like the anti-aliasing/smoothing of the edges: it’s not quite there yet, but mostly it looks smooth (good textures help). There still are some jittery pixels in the textures (the shirts for example), but hopefully we can finally have both a proper framerate AND stable image quality. Jaggies are bad, warping jaggies are even worse!

  • Arthur Khoen

    To use so much memory (450Mb with jumps – hi, GC) is not a good practice. There are Z-sorting issues – have a look at the bookshelf. FPS 8-10 on the simple scene and half screen on AMD X2 6000+.

    Nice try ;)

  • Townsend

    Same here as Arthur… Sucks up memory & CPU, even freezes the browser with crappy fps. Might be interesting for a while, but people’s expectations are a bit higher now in the year 2009. Bottom line, it’s the visual experience that matters, not whether it’s based on flash or hardware-accellerated gfx cards. This is like going back to the 90′s in a browser.

    Sorry, folks…

  • Bart

    It looks like they didn’t try to optimize it. Even the clock on the wall is a model, not texture.
    It’s speed is ok on my laptop when I open it with Chrome. Good start for first demo. Keep on.