V8-GL, Hardware Accelerated Desktop Apps with OpenGL in Javascript

This is a very cool project called V8-GL.  It is an OpenGL engine with 80% of the API converted to run on the V8 Javascript engine, the same engine that runs Google Chrome.

This is exciting as more productive languages like Javascript get speed boosts from engines like V8 and are capable of manipulating more complex systems like OpenGL.  Google is also pursing this in the browser with O3D with javascript manipulation of hardware rendering.  Also, a Google funded project called Unladen Swallow is converting Python to the LLVM virtual machine, so that it can have increasing speeds to compete with gcc speeds.

Making things easier to produce and control with more simplified and minimal languages like Javascript, Python and Actionscript etc that control more complex systems, that typically you would need to invest more time in such as a platform on C++ is the goal. V8-GL has this goal in mind.

V8-GL from the author states:

V8-GL intends to provide a high-level JavaScript API for creating 2D/3D hardware accelerated desktop graphics.

In other words, you can hack some JavaScript code that opens a desktop window and renders some 3D hardware accelerated graphics. Bindings are made using the V8 JavaScript engine.

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  • Sandman

    Wow! Now I say: if adobe do not support Direct3D /Open GL in the future, JS will take over the world.

  • Sandman

    … Adobe’s ActionScript -_-’ Just forgot.

  • JulesLt

    Well I don’t think Adobe would be worried if it did – just so long as it’s not Silverlight, they will be there providing the tools (which is where they make money, not the Flash player).