Pre-GDC: Unity Announces 3.0 Platform, Support For PS3, iPad, And Android

Unity is showing no signs of slowing down in making a consolidated, easy pipeline for game developers and creators to bring their wares to the masses on the top platforms. Already Unity 3D is the best 3d web browser plugin at the current time with export paths to web, desktop (mac and PC), iPhone/touch and Wii. But now we will see support for PS3, iPad (obvious as it is a iPhone/touch) and Android (most likely with the help of the C++ NDK rather than the Java SDK).  XBOX 360 support was announced last year.

This is pretty huge even for such a small and innovative company. I guess it means it will be time to buy an upgrade soon. Unity so far has been giving feature after feature for free for current license holders, this one seems big enough to justify a major version increase.

Gamasutra comments on other great features:

This third iteration will also incorporate Umbra Software’s occlusion culling product, which is designed help performance for games with large, open scenes and complex geometry. The platform’s top-end version, Unity Pro, will include both Umbra and Beast at no additional cost.

Unity Technologies updated its Unity iPhone for version 3.0 to include streaming audio support for smaller build size, Bluetooth multiplayer support, faster in-game GUIs”, and a 2D sprite engine. Furthermore, the company’s iPhone product will offer performance improvements that promise to provide faster frame rates.

The company says that with its new platform support for PlayStation 3, iPad, and Android, it offers developers an opportunity to target a larger install base than any other game engine. Unity’s game engine currently can produce games for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Wii, with support for Xbox 360 announced last October.

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  • rfkrocktk

    Everything BUT Linux. Joy.

    • drawcode

      Yeh until it has a bigger desktop share it will get the shaft. But it is built on mono runtime (*nix compatible), opengl (*nix compatible) and uses stuff that will work on *nix no problem. The editor though and GUI toolkit, that is a problem porting. No great GUI kits that are base across all *nix desktops that have a good enough quality to make it worthwhile just yet. Soon hopefully…

      • rfkrocktk

        Well, yeah. I think that for a plugin to be successful, like Flash and AIR, it has to run EVERYWHERE the same way. Adobe's campaign to get Flash Player on every device on every operating system has been hugely successful. So yeah, we just have to hope that they get the picture and follow in Adobe's footsteps.

  • wonderwhyer

    Impressive news. So impressive actually that it is hard to swallow them at one go. New platforms, new features…

    I hope that not only performance will go up but also stability across the platforms. Sadly Unity installation is far from being even 95% successful… Had problems with Unity game on Facebook not working under Windows 7/Firefox just other week… Basically it is still pretty frequent that games do not load under some systems and OS versions :(

  • Darren

    I am waiting for Adobe to buy these guys. Hopefully then we can have sensible pricing for the pro stuff. I don't mind paying out but having to pay out for each mobile platform is madness. Also the stuff on the site is a little misleading with the unified editor but it doesn't mention you need to buy more damn licenses for the each of the consoles and also need dev agreements with the console makers.

    Love the software though :p

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