Unity 3 Released

Unity 3 has been released.  It was released to the world late yesterday.  I have been using it for a few beta releases and it is very nice and many great improvements.  One awesome improvement is the occlusion culling was ported from iPhone to all Unity builds. Other notable features are a unified editor for all platforms, deferrered rendering and more.

Grab Unity 3 and take a spin.

Occlusion Culling Demo

Unity 3 Feature – Occlusion Culling with Umbra from Unity3D on Vimeo.

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  • jam

    Any chance of a UnityDevelop for Unity 3? I am quite fond of it. And I am pretty disapointed by 3's MonoDevelop autocomplete.

    • http://drawlabs.com drawcode

      Well UnityDevelop was a quick port project by the Flashbang/Blurst game devs so maybe they will. It was a port of FlashDevelop which is a port of SharpDevelop for which MonoDevelop is based on as well. So they are actually pretty close and I am sure MonoDevelop will get better.

      There is always Visual Studio to use after you reference the UnityEngine.dll. You can also turn on autocomplete in Unitron old school but MonoDevelop seems to be the way they want to go because it works on Windows, Mac and many other platforms. I actually like it pretty much but also dig SharpDevelop and FlashDevelop which are a bit more advanced only because they have been in development longer and use built in windows .net stuff where MonoDevelop uses Mono.net.