Hi I am Ryan Christensen and I work at 2XL Games during the day in Phoenix, Arizona. And at night I work in the batcave in Chandler, Arizona at *drawlabs, a micro indie gaming studio for web/mobile/desktop and *drawcode a web application, services and interactive development product.

You can contact me at ryan –at– drawk –dot– com.

We do everything from multi-player online games and game engines, to financial systems and product catalogs, to content management and all sorts of web enabled ideas.

drawk* is the holder company for *drawcode, *drawlabs, bredengine, and a others to help group services and products for different areas of application, entertainment and marketing tools.

I am also a former team member in the research and development of the technology that built first iterations of Prizelogic and Sampletize at eMarketing/bridgeware (now called Nomadic Agency). Where I also worked on clients such as Kraftfoods (and their numerous brands such as Oreo, Jello, Comidakraft (spanish/english site), ACCO Brands (and their numerous brands Swingline, Wilson Jones, GBC and others), Georgia-Pacific and many otherĀ  companies. I also previously worked on web based game development and network technologies at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment.

I have been developing web applications, media, games and interactives on the web for 13 years. I also develop media tools, creative content, easy enterprise software, financial systems, content management, product management, certified software components, toolkits, and more.

This blog is a tracking tool to help document current vector technology, game development tools, programming, 3d, interface, media programming and design that we come across and impact our capabilities in the vector wars and online gaming market. Basically a Flash, Silverlight, Unity3D, Javascript, Canvas, OpenGL tracking blog for the most part.