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Friday, July 6th, 2007

Grant Skinner has one upped the Flash CS3 AIR application export ability by adding a very useful panel to package Adobe AIR applications.

This is a pretty nice tool as usual from gskinner.  Be sure to check out the panel and all the installation info at Grant Skinner’s blog.

Download the AIRPanel zip file from here 

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Telerik has created a set of Silverlight controls.  They are always on top of new technology from Microsoft and sometimes it seems like they work there.  Here is a sample room editor that has must a sprinkle of pseudo 3d. One interesting thing about Silverlight is that MS AJAX will be specifically written to work with it.  I am sure there will be other packages but it appears like Microsoft is setting out the developer workflow quickly.
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At this point Silverlight doesn’t compare much to Flash and has a long way to go.  The WPF libraries are excellent though and will get lots of following.  The Microsoft developer community is a bit like the Apple consumer in that they pretty much buy into anything that they are fed, so it will have some legs.

Silverlight, the cross platform version of WPF, is great (more on this later after I have delved in further) but it is no Flash.  However, it is eons ahead of their last attempt in Liquid Motion.

On Coding Silverlight vs. Flash9/AS3

I like using C#/XAML to code in Silverlight/WPF over Actionscript3 but AS3 is quite a nice language and it is starting to conform to the Javascript2 spec. I think that Javascript2 might be an underrated candidate for the NBL.   AS3 is also very similar to Java and its clone C# so really good solution developers should be learning and becoming experts at all three.